Christmas holiday book recommendations

As we approach the end of term, I thought it would be a good time to recommend some stocking fillers:

Years 7 & 8

‘Dog’ by Andy Mulligan – ‘a gripping, sometimes heart-breaking story about the relationship of a boy and his dog’
‘Book of Dust’ by Philip Pullman – this needs no introduction! Just brilliant.

Years 9 & 10

‘This Mortal Coil’ by Emily Suvada – this book has the pace and twist of a thriller. Sic-fi fans will love this. ‘The Rise of Wolves’ by Kerr Thomson – in a nutshell, this is an animal story set on a Scottish island with a hint of myth and magic.

Year 11 and Sixth Form

‘The Treatment’ by C. L. Taylor – edge-of-your-seat institutional indoctrination thriller. Suspense, suspicion and sinister secrets abound in this accomplished debut Young Adult novel.
‘Satellite’ by Nick Lake – set on a space station in the near future, this sci-fi novel has a powerful finding- your-way-in-the-world theme.

And something for parents/carers…

‘Thin Air’ by Michelle Paver – a chilling ghostly tale set in 1935 on Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. ‘The Last Hours’ by Minute Walters: A scorching and beautifully written epic tale set in 1348.

Happy Reading!

Mrs P Avery Head of English

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