Checkmate heard ECCOing through Verulam’s corridors

Chess club has started again this year and throughout the week students can be seen advancing pawns and taking knights as part of our ECCO offer.

Students perform better in the classroom if they are fully engaged outside of it. This is why we have carefully developed our Extra Curricular Core Offer or ECCO for short. Chess club is just one of many activities for students to choose from throughout the year.

Chess, sometimes known as the “game of kings”, can be an important tool in a students’ development. Some of the benefits can include an improved memory, increased problem solving skills and exercising both sides of the brain.

Each year group will have a day that they can take part; Mondays for Year 7, Tuesdays for Year 8 and so on.

We’re already seeing how much enjoyment our students are getting from playing, and maybe one day we’ll be celebrating our very own Verulam Grandmaster.

Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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