Business Enterprise Conference (“BEC”)

BEC Day was a welcome change from the normal routine. The wide variety of companies/organisations that gave up their time helped us experience different jobs, allowing us to further develop our future ideas for a career. Tuesday began with a visit from Aecom which specialise in civil engineering and allowed us to have a preview of what it would be like to work as a civil engineer. After a slight disruption (the fire alarm!), we were greeted by Watford FC, who taught us how to create a business idea, and present our views, in the form of a pitch. The day ended with the magistrates, who helped us understand court, law and punishment.

On Wednesday, the blue group were greeted firstly by the British army who gave us a preview to army life. This included viewing ration packs, trying the equipment they used and even showed us how to apply camouflage to the face. Next, we had the pleasure of meeting Hertfordshire Business School who taught us about how to be a successful business owner and to make our own business based on a logo.

Charlie Thomas and Sam Logie 9B

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