DT Exam Guidance and resources

  • Print off Specification and RAG  (red, amber , green) the topics to identify your strengths and weaknesses and therefore which areas you need to revise before the exam
  • Revise your red topics first (don’t revise/waste time revising material you already know!), then amber and lastly green. etc
  • Use the exam questions (QP) from 2010 – 2014 to practice and develop your understanding of the style and layout of the paper. Please note there are some differences year to year.
  • I have provided the markscheme (MS) so you can mark your own work and see where you went wrong.
  • A good piece of advice is to look at the exam feedback folder. Spend time looking through the examples of how pupils have in the past answered questions. Comments are written by examiners on where pupils have answered accurately with marks given. There are also examples where pupils have not answered so well with examiners comments on how the responses could have been improved. These two documents provide an insight as to how examiners want you to respond and should make a significant improvement to you exam technique and thus overall mark.
  • A good tip is to re-do the same paper again after revising the topics which you answered less well. Actually re write on the same paper in a different colour so you can how you have improved!
  • PLEASE PLEASE look at the essential research you need to investigate. It will form part of section A worth 33 marks and is ideal to go in fully prepared knowing what you will have to write a :
  • Specification on
  • Produce a wide range of creative design ideas on
  • What product you will have to develop and
  • What you will have to write a specification on 

Useful websites:


GCSE Bitesize




Download the follow resources:

Essential Research to do for exam

Research to do

Exam feedback – How to improve you exam answers

GCSE DT Resistant Materials Feedback Post Conference Handbook v1.0

Look at P71 onwards

Question papers and Markschemes 2010_14










Exam content (RAG for Revision)






KS4 Spanish Revision Resources

Click on the links below o download revision material for Year 10 and Year 11 students.

ser or estar

Spanish Revision Booklet

Ks4 Spanish Toolkit

Spanish False Friends

Grade A Tips for Spanish Speaking and Writing

Year 11 Geography Coursework Final Push

Geography Coursework last push

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