KS5 English Revision 2015

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How dare you talk to me like that

ELLA2 top band response

Headteacher address

Graduation speech to medics

Framework for analysing prepared speech

Example of a spoken transcript

Analysing Spontaneous Speech

AS Spoken and prepared language revision

Card sort spoken language

Analysing Spoken Discourse Talk in Life

A visit to a dentist


Great Gatsby Revision Resources

Below are revision resources to be used for “The Great Gatsby”.

PDF FilesWord Files
The Great Gatsby Teaching Pack Overview.The Great Gatsby Teaching Pack Overview.
The Great Gatsby - F. Scott-FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby - F. Scott-Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby - America in the 1920sThe Great Gatsby - America in the 1920s
The Great Gatsby - The Jazz AgeThe Great Gatsby - The Jazz Age
The Great Gatsby - Suggested ActivitiesThe Great Gatsby - Suggested Activities
The Great Gatsby - Chapter SummariesThe Great Gatsby - Chapter Summaries
The Great Gatsby - CharacterThe Great Gatsby - Character
The Great Gatsby - Central Characters.The Great Gatsby - Central Characters.
The Great Gatsby - The American DreamThe Great Gatsby - The American Dream
The Great Gatsby - Ambition and AspirationThe Great Gatsby - Ambition and Aspiration
The Great Gatsby Decadence and MaterialismThe Great Gatsby Decadence and Materialism
The Great Gatsby - Perception and ArtificeThe Great Gatsby - Perception and Artifice
The Great Gatsby - EgoThe Great Gatsby - Ego
The Great Gatsby - Narrative VoiceThe Great Gatsby - Narrative Voice
The Great Gatsby - Preparing for the ExaminationThe Great Gatsby - Preparing for the Examination
The Great Gatsby - MotifsThe Great Gatsby - Motifs
The Great Gatsby - SettingThe Great Gatsby - Setting
The Great Gatsby - Student Chapter Summaries Booklet.The Great Gatsby - Student Chapter Summaries Booklet.
The Great Gatsby - LanguageThe Great Gatsby - Language
The Great Gatsby - Themes, Symbols and MotifsThe Great Gatsby - Themes, Symbols and Motifs
The Great Gatsby - Decadence and MaterialismThe Great Gatsby - Decadence and Materialism
The Great Gatsby - Keeping Track RevisionThe Great Gatsby - Keeping Track Revision

Summer Reads Sixth Form

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Skippy Dies follows the lives of a group of students and faculty members at the fictional Seabrook College, a Catholic boarding school in Dublin. The eponymous “Skippy” dies during a donut eating contest in the novel’s opening scene and the rest of the novel explores the events leading up to Skippy’s death, as well as the aftermath within the Seabrook community. A dark tragi-comedy; long listed for the 2011 Man Booker prize.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Set amongst the smoking ashes of a post-apocalyptic America, ‘The Road’ tells the story of a father son journey through the scorched countryside on a quest to the sea where they hope salvation awaits them. For survival the father and son are forced to constantly scavenge for food whilst trying to keep safe from murderous roving bands with only a pistol for defence.

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