News from Mr Ramsey

Farewells and Departures

I would like to thank all those staff who are leaving for their dedication and hard work over their years at Verulam and to wish them well for the future.

Mr Tang, our excellent cover supervisor is leaving to train as a Management Consultant, whilst Mr Benger from Learning Support is beginning teacher training in September.

After 2 years’ service, Ms Camporese is returning to Italy.

The Science Department sees a number of departures: Mr McLaughlin is joining Parmiters’ School and Miss Hickey, St Albans Boys. I would like to congratulate Ms Henderson who has gained promotion to a Head of Science post in Manchester, whilst Ms Cantwell is relocating to an exciting position in a specialist science school in the South West.

Having trained with us, Ms Thomas has been promoted to Head of Year 7 at Samuel Ryder, whilst Mr Wallace joins Beaumont School. Ms Mitchell is joining St Margaret’s School in Bushey.

After nearly 10 years’ service as a Geographer, Head of Year and Head of Lower Sixth, Mr Perryman is beginning a well deserved retirement. I would like to thank him for his enormous contribution to the school as teacher, pastoral leader and all the extra curricular work he has done. A truly committed teacher who has made a massive impact on many pupils’ lives.

Ms Flint leaves the History Department having gained an Assistant Headship at Onslow St Audrey School in Hatfield. In her new post she will work for Mr Bullock, who after 8 1/2 years’ of energetic and excellent deputy Headship, has rightfully gained the post of Headteacher of Onslow St Audrey School. Mr Bullock will be sorely missed by the many pupils and parents he has supported, the classes he has taught and the teams he has coached. I am sure the entire school will join me in wishing him well and every success in his new role.

Finally after 13 years’ of outstanding service, Mrs Chehade will be retiring in the Summer. She was the school’s first Business Manager and has defined this role. I would like to wish her all the best for her retirement.

P A Ramsey

Farewell from Mr Bullock

Dear Parents and Carers

It is with real sadness that I am leaving Verulam after 8 1/2 years as Deputy Headteacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the school and have been fortunate to have experienced so many wonderful opportunities.

The relationships which exist between the boys, staff, parents and governors make this a very special place to work and I can only hope that my new school has the same fantastic community.

I want to wish all the boys and parents a restful summer and I look forward to watching the school go from strength to strength in the future.

David Bullock


Once again the whole school came together for the flagship event of the annual Hawkes House Cup. The success of the event is very much down to the positive attitude generated in the weeks leading up to main event.

The pupils competed in 22 events over a two week period which culminated in our annual track and field athletics event at Westminster Lodge. An underlying theme of the event is to “try something new” and it is increasingly noticeable that pupils are open to new challenges within unfamiliar areas of the sporting spectrum.

During the afternoon track and field competition the following school records were broken or in one case equalled, special congratulations must go to these athletes.

Please find below the official overall (Years 7-10) Verulympic results for 2018. The results of the annual Hawkes House Cup will be formally announced in the closing assemblies on Friday 20th July.

Year 7- Carlos JOHNSON (300m- 47.5 sec)
Year 8- Elliott JOHNSON (1500m- 4m 53sec)
Harrison SHAW (100m- 12.2 sec)
Year 9- Patrick BEALE (200m- 24.7 sec- equalled record set in 1995)
Matthew WILLIAMS (Hurdles- 12.5 sec)


1st HAMILTON 3965pts

2nd BRAMPTON 3660

3rd PARK 3470

4th JENNINGS 3465

5th CHURCHILL 3400

6th YORK 3350

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