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Summer concert

On Wednesday evening, staff and parents enjoyed our annual summer picnic concert in perfect weather. The evening featured a variety of performances including a highly entertaining set by Mr Moffat and the ukulele band and some fantastic singing and rapping from the choir.


The junior band also performed an excellent set and the evening finished with some fantastic solo performances from older boys.



Curriculum Enrichment Day

On Thursday students enjoyed the last curriculum enrichment day of the year. The Lower Sixth took the opportunity to prepare for their Facing the Future conference on Friday. Year 10 got to grips with Unifrog, an online careers programme, and also spent time investigating the issues of bullying and savagery in Lord of the Flies.

Year 9 enjoyed an investigation of computer science and house sport, whilst Year 8 honed their language skills.  Meanwhile Year 7, enjoyed a variety of geographical activities including a 360 degree cinema exploring the dynamic earth.



Headmaster’s commendations

This week’s Headmaster’s commendations go to the following boys for their outstanding support and commitment in helping at the Medieval Festival:

Charlie Taylor, Myles O’Connor, Ronan Hewit, Logan Hewit, Oscar Mogie, Liam Winter, Dennis Haggart and Cooper Caminsky.

Medieval Merriment at the Verulam Festival

The weather was kind to us and all the 400 guests attending our first Medieval Festival last Sunday. Thanks to all of you for supporting the event – and of course to the numerous volunteers from the school and PTA who worked with James Silcox from Reach the Core to deliver a highly educational and entertaining day out.

There were a lot of happy and tired people leaving the school on Sunday afternoon after several hours watching battle re-enactments and taking part in numerous activities including axe throwing, archery and jousting.

Several people told us that they had never spent so long at a school event and were amazed by how much they had learnt while testing out some new found skills. Guest appearances in costume by Mr Pettitt and Mr Fletcher were also highlights of the day!

We hope to see you again around the same time next year!




Geography – How it works magazine

At the beginning of the term, Year 8 were taught about sustainability and the future of our energy. The objective of the lesson was to create a product that relies on renewable energy only.

To support the students, we used our collection of How IT Works magazines. The boys found these interesting and thought provoking. While they were fully engaged in their learning, I noticed that the boys couldn’t stop reading and creating. Thus, I waited till near the end of the lesson to ask the boys to hold up and display their enthusiasm for the task and the articles in the magazine.

This was shared via @verulamgeogHOD on twitter with the tweet of ‘Year 8s deep into @HowItWorksmag to find evidence of how energy is going to be used in the future and what products might be out there. Finding their first piece of #OK (OwnKnowledge) #NextStepAlevelGeography.’

I was pleased to then be contacted by the magazine, to request to use of the image and tweet in a future publication. So I am even further pleased to share the published tweet in print to you today (please see attached). Issues 124 of HowItWorks magazine have recognised our students’ passion for learning. Please do follow @verulamgeogHOD for further updates of Geography  at Verulam school.

Mr N Woodville

Head of Geography



Duke of Edinburgh

Over the last 4 weeks, 80 Year 10 boys have faced the elements to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award expeditions. They had wind and rain while on their practice through the woods and fields of the Chiltern Hills. They headed out from the Dunstable downs, across Ashridge Forest and camped in Braidwood Scout Site. Many groups found it a real struggle on the first day but were able to develop excellent skills across the day, coming together as a team and understanding the demands of navigation. The second day then seemed like they were naturals, breezing through the return routes.

The weather had changed for the better for the assessed expeditions in the New Forest. Teams still had to adapt and learn to navigate this different terrain and the wild animals. Their routes started on the northern edge of the National Park and they journeyed in towards the centre, camping just south of Lyndhurst. The teams arriving into camp at all times in the evenings were joyful and enjoyed the day’s hike. Many learnt about patience when dealing with the rest of the group and resilience when awakening to aching feet and legs on the second day. All had a very positive attitude throughout and were thankful to see the minibus at the finish point.

Mr T Massey

DoE Coordinator



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