News from Mr Ramsey

Governing body election

The success of any school is dependent on good teaching and leadership, support from parents, hard work from pupils and effective governance.
In a well run school, the governors are often invisible to the casual observer but I am always aware of the central role they have played in the improvement of this school.

The governing body has two main roles. Firstly to set out the vision and ethos of the school and secondly to challenge and support the school’s leadership to ensure that we provide the best education for all pupils. Individual governors bring a variety of experience, expertise and interests which help the school.

The term of office of two of our current parent governors, Mr Mark Quinton and Mr John Acton, end on 31st March. Mr Quinton who chairs our Resources Committee, dealing with finances and premises, has agreed to become a community governor which will help to ensure continuity and financial stability. Mr Acton will be seeking re- election as a parent governor. We will, therefore, be holding a parent governor election immediately after the Easter holidays. A letter explaining the election and nomination process will be sent out via parentmail on Monday 27th March. Should you have any questions regarding standing to become a governor, please contact my PA Ms K Bonass.

Three weeks of revision and exam preparation guidance

For the last three weeks of term, Mr Toley will be publishing exam and revision guidance as an attachment to Verulam Voice. The advice contained within is appropriate for Years 11, 12 and 13, however parents of all pupils may be interested in gleaning advice which might be useful for end of year examinations.

Radicalisation and Extremism

Given the events of Wednesday, it was appropriate that this week’s assemblies focused on radicalisation and extremism. Our aim was to:

  • Explain the intolerant nature of extremists
  • That extremism may be found in people of all religions, philosophies and political persuasions;

and finally

  • to introduce pupils to the idea that extremists can target vulnerable younger people.

I also made it clear to pupils that they can seek help at school if they are ever troubled by the words or deeds of others and find them offensive or threatening.

P A Ramsey


Fidget Toys

In recent weeks we have noticed a number of pupils bringing ‘fidget toys’ into lessons. As a school we recognise that such devices can be supportive in enabling pupils who have a recognised condition such as ADHD or ASD to maintain focus in lessons. In future I would ask that parents contact me in SENCO , before supplying their son’s with such devices.

Mrs Helliwell

SENCO Department

Chelsea’s Choice

On Monday afternoon Year 9 were treated to a performance from the Alter Ego creative team which explored the topic of sexual exploitation. This was a hard-hitting play without being overly didactic or graphic and engaged the boys in a highly sensitive issue. The play focused on a real life case study showing the different stages of one young girl’s experience of being exploited. Reflecting on this caused boys to consider their own relationships, their use of social media and the internet and what to do if they ever feel uncertain or uncomfortable as they progress through adolescence. The plethora of questions the boys asked afterwards revealed how closely they had listened which caused the actors to thank them for being the ‘most mature and absorbed audience they had ever had’.

Mr J Tromans

Head of Year 9