Press Release – Successful Safeguarding Inspection at Verulam School

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

Press Release – Successful Safeguarding Inspection at Verulam School

I am pleased to publish the letter from John Daniell, Her Majesty’s Inspector, regarding his “No formal designation inspection” of Verulam School on 3rd July 2018 which examined whether safeguarding was effective or not effective. The report was published on 6th September 2018.

I am delighted that the HMI inspection reached the conclusion that Safeguarding is effective.

The report recognises the school’s improvement in many areas since October, highlighting the effectiveness of our response to the initial inspection.

“As a school, you responded with great urgency to the findings of the previous section 5 inspection in October 2017. Your statement of action astutely identifies proposed actions to address the areas of improvement. Progress in carrying out these actions and demonstrable success have been suitably recorded on the plan as part of your rigorous monitoring procedures.”

I would like to thank pupils, parents, staff and governors for their hard work and support this year in helping the school to make swift improvements. Our community has worked collectively to get us to where we are, and I know that we are all eager to use this success as a springboard to further development.

The priorities for further improvement identified by the inspection have already been actioned in readiness for the new term. The senior team and I are eager for their implementation and to see the impact of everyone’s determination to improve the school.

Given the very positive comments in this report and the plans for continued improvement already in place, the school is aiming to achieve a “Good” judgement in our next inspection which we would welcome at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yours sincerely

P A Ramsey


July 2018 Ofsted Report

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire


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