MFL Extension, default and snow day homework tasks

  1. Make a ‘mind-map’ of the topic you are studying in French, German or Spanish. For French, you could shade it blue white and red where blue is past, white is the present and red is future.
  2. Write 5 excuses in French, German or Spanish to explain why someone hasn’t done their homework.
  3. Write about your ideal school and include a poster showing the rooms and features in your dream school. You could use your Toolkit and vocabulary booklet to help you.
  4. Draw and label an alternative school uniform. Write 5 sentences to describe it using adjectives: e.g. un grand boucle d’oreille rouge. You could use your Toolkit and vocabulary booklet to help you.
  5. Write about your ideal teachers: use celebrity & cartoon pictures from theInternet to show who teaches what in your ideal school: e.g. le prof de maths s’appelle Albert Einstein, le prof de théâtre s’appelle Brad Pitt; la prof de danse = Madonna
  6. Find out 10 facts about a country where the language is being studied and make a quiz for your teacher/friends to try.
  7. Can you think of 5 German, Spanish or French words which we use in English?
  8. Write 6 questions in French, German or Spanish and interview your brother,sister, mum, cat, dog or goldfish, dad or neighbour. Type up the interview.
  9. Write a poem in French, German or Spanish – think about words which rhyme and sound good together.
  10. Make a board game to practise the topic you have been studying.
  11. Write a cartoon strip about famous people/teachers/your family, using phrases and words you have learnt.
  12. Write a film review in French, German or Spanish
  13. Write a short story using phrases you have learnt in class.
  14. What a French/German/Spanish film (with subtitles) did you learn any new words? What did you think of the film?
  15. Teach your Dad, mum, granny, neighbour etc some of the phrases and words you have learnt – did they find it easy? What’s it like to be a teacher?
  16. Annoy your parents by having 5 minute sessions every evening when you will only speak in French, Spanish or German – even if the conversation is rather simple,it can be funny to listen to your family trying to speak another language. Even if you repeat 5 new phrases again and again, they’ll be confused and impressed.
  17. Get some ‘post-in notes’ and label everything in your bedroom
  18. Choose a pop-star/rapper/actor/sport that interests you. Use the internet to find information about them in French, German or Spanish. How much of the meaning can you work out? Use for French info. Use for German info. Use for Spanish info
  19. Put the French, German or Spanish subtitles on a DVD – how many words can you recognise?
  20. Borrow a French, German or Spanish book from your local library. Don’t choose one that’s too hard – There’s quite a selection in St Albans’ Central Library.
  21. Write an article in French, German or Spanish for the Verulam Voice.
  22. Produce some vocab learning/ revision cards. Show your teacher. If they are good, you could share them with pupils in your own year or in the year group below.
  23. Find a holiday phrasebook and write a funny dialogue of about 10 lines.
  24. Use a dictionary or your vocabulary book to make up a multiple choice vocab test of about 10 items: 3 choices for each one – one choice should be silly, oneshould be close and one should be correct.
  25. Write down & learn 5 MFL phrases that you are really likely to use in school the next day e.g. My cat is dead, I watched X Factor last night, it was rubbish! My team lost yesterday – I don’t care
  26. Go to design your own Avatar and make it speak in French/German/Spanish
  27. Find a recipe from a French/German/Spanish speaking country and cook it.Make your family try it and see what they think.
  28. Make a short video clip in French/German/ Spanish. You could film a pretendTV advert, a scene from an imaginary soap or a cookery show.
  29. Look at some of these websites for more activities and ways of practising your language skills. – French, German and Spanish – Free after 4pm and at the weekends. – Click on the language you want and enter the login details. See your teacher for the linguascope username and password – French and German activities. – German Activities arranged by topic. – A French Activity – be a detective and solve the mystery – Look at the KS2, 3 and 4 tasks. There’s lots there to help you. – If you’re in Year 8 or 9, have a go at the GCSE activities – you’ll be surprised about how easy the exams can be.

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