General Entry Requirements

Year 12

Our three schools, being comprehensive, admit a wide ability range to their Sixth Forms.

Our entry requirements can be found below and further details are available from the BeauSandVer website at However, in general terms, we require applicants to have B grades or better in the subjects they wish to study, (or their closest GCSE equivalent), having taken the Higher Papers at GCSE level and to have achieved a minimum average point score of 39 (based on at least 8 GCSE’s)

How to Calculate Entry Thresholds:

Our entry thresholds are expressed in terms of average points score at GCSE. To work this out, add together all the points for  your grades, (remember that Double Science counts as two subjects), on the basis of:


Then divide by the number of subjects. (Please note that short course (half) GCSEs score at half of these points; e.g. a C grade on a short course is worth 20 points). You may include up to two BTEC subjects. Each BTEC counts as one GCSE.

You need to do this calculation using your target grades in order to help you to begin to decide the right level of course.


Your target grades are:

English – B, English Lit – C, Maths – C, Double Science – CC, Design Tech – B, French – D, Art – A, P.E – A and History – B.

The total points for the ten subjects are (46 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 46 + 34 + 52 + 52 + 46) = 436.

Your average GCSE points score is 43.6 points. Therefore you would be eligible for entry to route 1 – the 4 A Level course.

For all subjects, when making your selections please read the entry requirements relating to that subject very carefully.

NB: The thresholds which follow relate to entry into Year 12 and have been agreed by our consortium as a fair and common basis for advice to our students. They are based on the study of several years of results in our schools and are designed to be inclusive and optimistic. They are not guarantees of success at any level, but serve to help decide the sort of course package that should be chosen.

APSNow that you have calculated your Average Point Score (APS), you can use
the table below to see what options are available to you Post 16
43 or moreYou should look for a suitable combination of courses leading to a minimum of four A Levels
(or equivalent). Either by studying four AS subjects in Year 12 leading to the same four
subjects at A2 Level in Year 13; or by following the same Year 12 combination, but stop one
subject at AS and pick up another AS Level subject in Year 13. You may choose to study A
Level Maths and Science.
39 - 42You can look for a suitable combination leading to three A Levels (or equivalent.) All students
require GCSE B grades, or above, in relevant subjects. A minimum of three subjects are
required to constitute an A Level course.

If you have not achieved sufficient B grades you may be considered for one of the BTEC
National Level 3 courses alongside one A Level subject. Alternatively, you could follow two
BTEC National Level 3 courses.
Progression to Year 13
A Level
For A Level courses students need to give consideration as to what they might do at the
end of Year 12. Clearly the AS Level is a qualification in its own right and a few students may
feel that it is right to finish their education at this point. However, most students will wish to
progress into Year 13 in order to take A2 Level.

Please be aware that this will be contingent on successful completion of Year 12 courses
and that there will be a further increase in the level of effort required at A2 Level.

A minimum of three subjects are required to constitute an A Level course
To continue with a subject to A2 a minimum of grade D at AS will be required in that subject.
BTEC Nationals Level 3
BTEC Nationals Level 3 are two year courses, with coursework throughout the year.
Students who do not meet the coursework expectations in Year 12 may be required to leave
the course.
Students gaining a low score in an exam module for a subject they wish to continue will
have the opportunity to take a re-sit; as the mark contributes significantly (50%) to the final A
Level result. Although an examination re-sit will be available, it will be at the students’ cost.
Please note that it is an entry requirement for university applicants that they have passed
English GCSE with a grade A-C.
Y13 Enrolment
Finally we would point out that A2 Level courses begin immediately after the AS
examinations finish (i.e. in June of Year 12) and that full attendance will be expected from
this time until the end of term. Failure to meet this expectation will lead to students being
prevented from enrolling into Year 13.

Information regarding End of Summer Term and Start of Autumn Term Arrangements

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