DofE Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Activate your account

To sign in to eDofE go to Enter your username and password which will have been given to you by your DofE Leader. Once you have signed in, you will be asked to enter your personal details (e.g. address) and change your password. Your new password must be at least six figures long and a mixture of numbers and letters, including one capital letter. Be careful, passwords are case-sensitive.

Step 2 – Decide on your timescales

You will be asked to decide how long you are going to spend on each section. Don’t worry if you change in your mind later, your timescales can be amended!

(For advice on completing Step 1 and 2 watch the video link below on Getting Started)

eDofE Video 9 Getting Started- Setting Timescales

By watching this video, Participants will be able to: 1) Sign in to eDofE for the first time 2) Add the basic information necessary to open an eDofE account 3) Choose the timescales for each section of the Award and know how to amend them at a later date

Step 3 – Choose your programme

Once you start your activities you need to enter the following information into your account:

  • Start date
  • Activity category (from list)
  • Activity title

You will then need to answer three short questions to give your Leader the information they need. They don’t need to be really long answers but it needs to be enough for your Leader to understand where, what and who you are working with.

Corpora on No: RC000806 Registered Office: Gulliver House, Madeira Walk, WINDSOR, Berkshire SL4 1EU

Step 4 – Submit your activity choice for approval

Select the Leader that you want your request to go to. Then click on the ‘submit for approval’ button. This will send your objectives to your Leader for approval.

(For advice on completing Step 3 and 4 watch the video link below on Starting a Section)

eDofE 11 Starting a Section

By watching this video, Participants will be able to: 1) Fill in the essential details to start a new section of their Award 2) Complete the necessary parts of eDofE for each Section of their Award, including listing goals and the planned achievements

Step 5 – Complete your expedition information

Your Leader is able to set up your expedition information for you in advance but you must input your aims and goals for your qualifying expedition and the details of your presentation.

Step 6 – Add evidence

You will now need to add evidence to your account. Please see the column to the right for different ways of doing this.

Step 7 – Submit your section for approval

Once you have completed a section and uploaded your evidence and Assessor’s report you can click the ‘submit section for approval’ button and your DofE Leader will be able to approve your section.

Once you have submitted all your sections and the Leader has approved them your Award will go through to your Operating Authority for final approval.

Well done, you are now ready to move onto the next level!

You are now able to compile your Achievement Pack if you wish using your uploaded evidence. For more information visit

Download the eDofE Bitesize Guide for Assessors at


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