DofE Gold Award


DofE Gold Award

Once you hit 16 you can do your Gold DofE programme. You’ll spend 12 months on your Volunteering section. For Physical and Skills you must spend 12 months on one and six months on the other – you decide which way round you do it.

The big difference at Gold, is you’ll also do a Residential section – staying away from home for five days and four nights doing a shared activity with people you don’t know. It’s great fun and a real chance to do something different! If you’ve jumped straight into your Gold DofE programme you’ll need to do a further six months either volunteering or whichever one of your physical or skills activities you spent the most time on.

The pinnacle of the award sees our students undertake the most rewarding and challenging experiences there is to offer. In the last 4 years, 3 expeditions have visited New Zealand for 5 weeks and this year sees us tackle Morocco.
This table gives you a summary of what you have to do:


VolunteeringPhysical SkillsExpeditionResidential
12 monthsOne section for 12 months andthe other section for 6 months.Plan, train for and complete a4 day 3 night expeditionUndertake a shared activity in a residential settingaway from home for 5 days and 4 nights.

DofE Gold 2015 to Corsica!  If you are interested in the oppurtunity to complete your Gold Award on a trip abroard to the beautiful and challenging mountiains of Corsica please see the links to information below.
DEPOSIT DEADLINE: The deadline for deposits for the trip has been extended from the 4th February to the 28th of February.
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