For over 60 years now the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been available to young people aged 14 to 25. At Verulam we have a long tradition with the Award that sees over 50% of those able to take up the award do so. The result is now that we are one of the largest and most successful units in the County. More information can be found at theaward. During the award, students are involved in undertaking some community service work, learning a new skill, some physical recreation and the ever popular expeditions. As the levels of the award are moved up some each section becomes more challenging in the amount of time taken to complete so that, by the Gold award, it will take over a year to gain. Below is information on our expedition visits which form the highlights for students, staff and parents alike. Please click on the relevant link.

There is a list of FAQ’s below with regards to the DofE. There is also have a Step by Step Guide for students covering the following topics.

  1. Activate your account
  2. Decide on your timescales
  3. Choose your programme
  4. Submit your activity choice for approval
  5. Complete your expedition information
  6. Add evidence
  7. Submit your section for approval

Frequently Asked Questions for DofE

How do I find or reset my eDofE user name and password?

Participants often forget login details for their eDofE account. Below is a useful video tutorial that will guide you through the process. It is important that you remember the email address that you set the account up with. If you have further problems contact Mr Morgan at School.

eDofE training video 4 – Forgotten password

What evidence do I need to complete a section of the Award? How do I upload evidence to eDofE?

You can add as much evidence as you like for examples videos and pictures of you doing your activities but the minimum is an Assessor’s report for every section.

This should include your name, the activity that you did, the dates between which you did the activity and then a short report about what you achieved. There are lots of ways your Assessor can do this but they will need your eDofE ID number:

  • Through the DofE website portal
  • By phoning 0203 368 6644 and they can give their report over the phone
  • Type up a word document and email that to you or your Leader
  • Fill in your Keeping Track booklet which you will then need to scan or photograph and upload it

When your Assessor’s evidence has been uploaded to your account then you need to submit it for approval if you uploaded it. If your Assessor uploaded it then it will already have been approved by our DofE Leader and will come into your account automatically.

eDofE training video 10 – Uploading Evidence

By watching this video, Participants will be able to:

  1. Use and understand the different methods available to upload evidence
  2. Mark evidence as an Assessor’s Report
  3. Upload evidence to a Leader, or save it to send later
  4. View the evidence they have submitted

What does an Assessors report look like or contain?

Your Assessors Report

An Assessor report for each section is mandatory for every participant. You can provide a report in many different ways:


To enter your report online, visit and follow the instructions. You will need the participant’s name, their eDofE ID number, their DofE level and the section you have assessed.


Before you call, it’s a good idea to prepare what you are going to say. You will need the participant’s name, their eDofE ID number, their DofE level and the section you have assessed. To leave your report call 0203 368 6644 and follow the instructions (calls charged at local rate).

On paper

Please fill in your comments in their Keeping Track booklet and hand it back to the young person, who will scan it and upload it. You can also supply a certificate, letter etc. for them to scan or upload.

What should my Assessor’s report contain?

  • Participant’s name
  • The activity undertaken
  • The dates they did their activity
  • A short complimentary report about their achievements
  • Your name, role (and qualifications if necessary)

Assessors Report Template

Below are examples of acceptable Assessor Reports. With all reports there must be a signature or some form of verification whether a letter head or official company logo for the evidence to be valid.

(Participant Name) has been taking part in… (name and details of activity).

(Participant Name) started on… (date started) and has been a regular participant until… (date finished).

Throughout this time (Participant name) has undertaken… (short complimentary report regarding achievements on activity e.g. Physical- has improved fitness and skill during regular football training, Skill- has achieved next Music grade for regular attendance and practice, Volunteering- has become part of the wider School community due to helping with Yr7 reading mentor scheme.)


(Assessors Signature, role and qualifications if required)

How do I get my Award?

Before you can receive your award all sections of the award must be completed and sent for approval. First of all this is checked and verified by your DofE leader in School who will then send your evidence to the DofE office for final approval. Once this has been completed you will be sent your award.

For more information and guidance on completion and approval of your award see the tutorial video below.

eDofE 12 Sending a Section for Approval

By watching this video, Participants will be able to:

  1. Send a completed Section to their Leader for approval
  2. Send a completed Award to their Leader for approval

For all videos visit:

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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