It has been long recognised that students will perform better in the classroom if they are fully engaged outside of it.  At Verulam there has been a long tradition of such activities after school, at weekends and in the holidays.  This is now being extended even further through our Extra Curricular Core Offer.

This Offer is given to all new Year 7s and current Year 8 students.  The document below shows this year’s offer to students in terms of choices and when the activities take place.  As you can see the choice is both wide and varied indeed!  All we ask is that students pick at least two options from those given – many have taken up far more!

Each activity is run by staff and sixth formers with an interest in the field chosen.  This allows us to offer you this fantastic choice of extra activities both at lunchtimes and after school.

STEM Club Yr7-11
Mrs Cornmell, Mr Sykes
Mr Wainwright
(starts 24th Sept)
Yr7 & Yr8 Verulab
S2 1-1.30pm
Ms Howells
Card Playing Club
Mr Bint
Political Discussion Group
All year groups
6D 1pm
Mr Base
Star Wars Club
Location TBC
Start Date TBC
Top Button
School Magazine
Room 4
1.00pm Mrs Avery
Comic Club
Room 6D
Mr Lazaro
Yr10 & Yr11 Badminton
Sports Hall
Mr Flack
Chess Club
Room 39
Mr Hiscock
Club de español
Room 25
Ms Chirchi
Lego Club
Location TBC
Start Date TBC
Spanish Homework Club
Miss Hernandez
Spanish Homework Club
Miss Hernandez
Ball Hockey
Sports Hall
Mr Langley
(Start date TBC)
After School
Yr7 Homework Club
Ms Nelson
Drama Club
(After Oct half term)
Mr Jordan
Yr8 Football
3.30 - 4.30pm
Sports Hall/Back Field
Mr Mr Pettitt

Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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