Whole school consequence ladder

Consequence and Negative Points ValueEXAMPLES OF BEHAVIOURClass Teacher (CT)/Head of Subject (HOS)/Form Tutor (FT)/Head of Year (HOY)/Head of KS (KS) Pastoral C0-Ordinator (PC)
Expected To Do The Following
Sanction Option Available
Class Detentions Are Not Permitted
Not adhering to the Verulam Lesson.
Disrupting the learning of others Talking/Arguing/ Out of seat Uniform/Appearance not acceptable Lack of equipment and/or planner Rudeness – Minor
Poor attitude/behaviour Poor presentation
Behaviour Challenged. Logged on Bromcom by CTVerbal warning Logged on Bromcom
Repetition of any C1 Offence
Inappropriate language inc. swearing in conversation/swearing in a room/corridor Lateness to lessons (>5mins)
Name Calling
C2 logged on Bromcom by CT/FT on day of incident. HOY/FT – monitoring daily/weeklyPrivate DT by CT on same or next day
CT/FT Reports to be used for repeat offenders
All C1 + C2 offences logged and repetition of C1 or C2 should be dealt with by the class teacher form tutor and/or Head of Subject.
All boys who receive a C2 should not be moved to a C3 until private DT’s and contact with parents has occurred
UNLESS the behaviour escalates to C3 during the lesson.
The Verulam Behaviour For Learning System Guidance is to be used to administer this.
Repetition of any C2 Offence
Rudeness to a member of staff
Refusal to follow instructions
Chewing gum
Spraying deodorant inside the school building (not changing rooms)
Abuse of Open Access
Use of phone, MP3s in school building
Failure to attend any private DT
Aggressive behaviour in corridors
Eating in the school building
C3 logged on Bromcom by Teacher Automatic Text / e-mail to parents Authorisation via HoF / HoD / HoYC3 DT
Daily 3.30pm-4.15pm Restorative Justice used if possible
Repetition of any C3 Offence
Truancy from lessons or school site at break/lunch time
Failure to attend C3 detention Deliberate sustained defiance including - walking away from a member of staff/ dishonesty/lying to staff
C4 logged on Bromcom by teacher Automatic text / email
Teacher contacts parents.
Authorisation via HoF / HoD / HoY
.C4 logged on Serco by HOY
HOY to contact parents.
HOY/SLT to decide punishment and implement HOY/SLT Report Card.
HOY/SLT to decide upon IBP/PSP.
Friday 3.35pm-4.35pm Restorative Justice used if possible
Repetition of any C4 Offence
Persistent refusal to keep to school rules.
Failure to attend C4 detention Persistent C4 behaviour
Swearing at /or towards staff. Truancy
Bullying incident
Inappropriate use of mobile phone/ computer or other equipment Gross Misconduct
C5 logged on Bromcom Automatic text / email Teacher contacts parents.
N.B. V5 —Failing to follow instructions / arguing staff leading to removal to the exclusion room for a minimum of two periods.
Authorisation via Head of School / SLT
Saturday C5 DT - 9.00am-10.30am
Removal from current/next lesson One day Planned Isolation with HOY Restorative Justice used if possible
Repetition of any C5 Offence
Failure to attend C5 Sat DT
Intimidating a member of staff
Swearing at /towards staff with intimida- tion or gestures.
Smoking and/ or the possession of ciga- rettes, lighters, alcohol, illegal drugs Being in the vicinity of smokers
Persistent bullying
Racist or Homophobic or Sexist abuse Theft, Graffiti or Vandalism
Aggressive Behaviour
Reckless behaviour causing injury
Authorised by PAR or Deputy Heads only.Internal Exclusion
Fixed Term Exclusion Restorative Justice used if possible
Repetition of any C6 Offence
Persistent C5/C6 behaviour Possession of offensive weapon Serious theft or Serious vandalism Possession/distribution of illegal drugs Violence towards a member of staff
Headmaster to implement assisted by Pastoral Director. Governors to ratify.Permanent Exclusion
  • All pupils will start with 1000 points in September.  Points are added when rewards are given and taken away when consequences are given.  If a pupil keeps above 1000 they remain eligible for school trips.
  • Students with multiple C1/C2s will be sanctioned as follows: 4 x C1/2 in a week = C3; 7 x C1/2 in a week = C4

  • Students with 4 Homework Cs in any half term will be sanctioned with a C4

Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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