Whole School Rewards Ladder

  • Rewards help to build a confident, positive ‘can-do’ ethos and will bring clear benefits to your interactions and success with pupils inside and outside the classroom.
  • They help to celebrate and validate achievement, service and effort.
  • All pupils will start with 1000 points in September. Points are added when rewards are given and taken away when consequences are given. If a pupil keeps above 1000 they remain eligible for school trips.
  • They are an important motivator and are a way of recognising the quiet majority of hard working, willing pupils.
  • When you issue a reward you are responsible for logging this on the System. Remember parents will read this when they log onto the System.
  • Please give rewards to any students you come into contact with around the school not just those you teach. E.g. ECCO clubs/pupils helping.
 Positive Points
 Can be given byExamples
R15PositiveAny member of staff (teaching and support)Every day low level introductory motivational rewards.
Eg. General enthusiasm/working well/
R210GoodAny member of staff (teaching and support)Academic: good work in a lesson, pleasing homework, test result, positive contribution and participation, display work
Sports: one-off success, good effort
Service: helpful, community spirit, kindness
R315Very GoodAny member of staff (teaching and support)As above but amplified e.g. good longer piece of work, assessment, sustained effort or improvement over a few lessons
All staff can recommend R4+5’s but Only Middle Leaders/SLT can issue R4+5.
R420ExcellentHOS/HOYStudent of the month’ type award
HOD & HOY should regularly solicit nominees for R4s
Could also be for attendance, sustained hard work, effort, exemplary behaviour
Participation in a school event: e.g. assembly, drama, concert, match
Contribution to sport, Dof E, success out of school, charity work
R525OutstandingSLTExceptional performance in a subject or activity in school or out of school
Significant dedication, after-hours, over and above the norm
Exceptional sporting achievement
Grade 8 music / black belts etc
Bravery, courage, overcoming adversity
Parents should support this – encourage them to write in to recommend an R4
HOY to monitor and pass recommendations to SLT

At Verulam we believe in rewarding students extensively for their effort, hard work and contribution to school life

To help them celebrate their success and effort we have many things organised throughout the school year to keep the motivation of all students as high as possible.

Celebration Assemblies

At the end of each term we celebrate the success of many students who have outstanding attendance and those who win Students of the term for hard work and dedication and/or contribution to school life.

Celebrations for R3’s, R4’s and R5’s

Staff regularly contact parents to share their pleasure of rewarding students for hard work, effort and general drive for excellence.

Rewards Trips for above high Attendance and for those students in the top 10 in their form on the 1000 points league table

Autumn Term

Years 7-11        Reward Afternoon in autumn term with variety of events such as Pizza and Film in school, sporting events

Spring Term

Years 7-11       Reward Afternoon in spring term with variety of events such as Pizza and Film in school, sporting events

Summer Term

Years 7-10      Reward Day in summer term with variety of events

Those students with ANY C4’s or C5’s will be ineligible. Those boys with unacceptable levels of C3’s will be ineligible.

Annual Celebration Evenings

Years 7-10 hold an evening at the end of the year to celebrate the achievement of many individuals who have won prizes for things such as hard work and effort in all subject areas, outstanding attendance and contribution to school life.

Senior Prize Giving

Years 11-13 have their own evening to celebrate the highest achievements in all subject areas and other special old boy awards.

Year 11 Prom

Year 11 have an end of year celebration of finishing their main school years and exams. This evening is organised by the Head of Year 11.

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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