Uniform, Clothing and Equipment

It is requested that parents please discuss the following school rules with their son and ensure that he complies with them:

  • Earrings, piercings and excessively modish hair styles are not permitted in any year.
  • Mobile phones are allowed but should be switched off in school. Any mobile phone or electronic equipment used in lesson time will be confiscated and given to the Headmaster’s P.A. Mrs Hanvey. Confiscated equipment may not be returned until the end of the week.
  • Shoes must be black, smart, sturdy and business like – trainers or plimsolls are not permitted.
  • Coats must be worn by all pupils during cold weather to and from school. Hoodies are discouraged as they do not afford adequate protection from the elements. Coats should be kept in bags or lockers during the school day.
  • Pupils should possess:
    • A named rugged and capacious bag such as a rucksack. Small, fashionable, ‘man bags’ are not fit for this purpose.  The bag should be able to contain both sports kit and all the text and exercise books required for a day’s learning.
    • Learning equipment should be kept in a soft see-through pencil case and include:
      • Black or Blue Pens for writing – pupils should use the pen that helps them write in the clearest and neatest fashion
      • HB Graphite pencils
      • Colouring pencils
      • Highlighter pen
      • Red and green biro
      • Glue stick
      • Small scissors
      • A clear rigid 30cm ruler
      • Scientific calculator – Casio or similar are recommended
      • Maths set, including a protractor, pair of compasses and a set square
      • Private reading book
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