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The Goal is Excellence

During their time at Verulam we ask all pupils to:

Aim high and work hard to fulfil their potential whilst participating fully in the extra-curricular life of the school.

Extra-Curricular participation could involve:

  • Joining  an Extra Curricular Core Offer (ECCO) club
  • Participating in Drama or Music
  • Taking part in  charitable events
  • Travelling  on school visits or trips
  • Participating in sport
  • Taking an active part in house competition
  • Becoming a prefect

We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to excel and become Ambassadors for the school.

 Pupils willSchool willParents / Carers will
Learning• Work hard
• Aim to achieve my targets
• Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum
• Set ambitious targets for pupils
• Attend consultation and discussion meetings at the school regarding my child’s work and progress
Relationships• Respect all members of the school
• Co-operate with members of staff and pupils
• Respect pupils of all origins and abilities and their parents/carers• Respect all members of the school community
Attendance & Punctuality• Arrive at school and lessons on time
• Aim for 100% attendance
• Check attendance
• Follow up issues with attendance and punctuality with parents and pupils
• Ensure my child attends school regularly and punctually
• Notify school when this is not possible
• Request leave of absence in only the most exceptional circumstances
Uniform & Equipment• Wear my uniform correctly
• Arrive at lessons correctly equipped
• Make uniform and equipment and equipment requirements clear• Ensure that my child leaves home each day appropriately dressed, equipped and prepared for the school day
Homework• Record homework accurately
• Complete all homework
• Meet deadlines for submitting work
• Ensure homework is set according to the homework timetable and policy
• Mark/assess work according to the homework policy
• Support my child to complete homework on time
Pupil Code• Adhere to the pupil code of conduct
• Be an ambassador for the school
• Teach the pupil code to all pupils• Support the pupil code
Property• Respect the property and possessions of others at all times• Encourage respect for property and possessions• Encourage respect for property and possessions
Communication & Consultation• Talk to my parents/carers about school life
• Tell my parent/carer/teacher if I encounter problems
• Deliver all letters quickly
• Communicate and consult fully with parents/carers regarding their son/daughter. This will include regular reports, parents’ meetings/consultations etc
• Keep parents informed of events at school
• Attend consultation and other parents’ meetings
• Read and respond to all communications regarding my child


Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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