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The Goal is Excellence

During their time at Verulam we ask all pupils to:

Aim high and work hard to fulfil their potential whilst participating fully in the extra-curricular life of the school.

Extra-Curricular participation could involve:

  • Joining  an Extra Curricular Core Offer (ECCO) club
  • Participating in Drama or Music
  • Taking part in  charitable events
  • Travelling  on school visits or trips
  • Participating in sport
  • Taking an active part in house competition
  • Becoming a prefect

We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to excel and become Ambassadors for the school.

At Verulam, we believe that a happy and successful school is one that values the partnership between school and home. We therefore ask parents and students to read the following ways in which they can ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from the education at Verulam and sign below to show agreement. In recognition of the school’s obligation to parents and students, the Headteacher has signed this agreement to which staff are required to adhere. The school looks to parents for cooperation and support in ensuring our high standards are maintained. At Verulam our aim is to equip students for a life in their community, Modern Britain and wider society. This agreement forms the foundation of a positive three way partnership and the promotion of the good reputation in the community.

 As a Parent/Carer I will: As a student I will: As a school we will:
Behaviour and Respect• Encourage my child to behave well at all times in relation to all aspects of life at Verulam including attendance, uniform and fulfilment of learning obligations.
• Understand and support the school sanctions for behaviour and work together with staff to find solutions if behaviour falls below the expected high standard.
• Ensure my child uses social media wisely and respectfully
• Behave well at all times including between lessons, when travelling to and from school and on school trips.
• Follow the school’s behaviour policy.
• Engage with all staff in a respectful and
courteous manner.
• Not use social networking sites or mobile
phones to post inflammatory messages or to engage in cyberbullying including out of school hours.
• Provide a behaviour policy that supports a well ordered school community that is ready for learning.
• Reward high standards of behaviour and inform parents of any concerns or successes.
• Give 24 hours’ notice of any after school detention.
• Inform parents if the use of social networking sites and other media impact negatively on learning or other students.
Attendance and Punctuality• Ensure my child maintains a high level of attendance and punctuality.
• Inform the school promptly about any absence and the reason.
• Adhere to the holiday dates as published on the website and only request leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.
• Maintain a high level of attendance and attend punctually every day.
• Arrive promptly to all lessons and school events
• Monitor absence and punctuality.
• Recognise and reward good attendance.
• Intervene when levels of attendance and
punctuality fall below an acceptable level.
• Support families to improve their child’s
Being ready for school• Support the school in ensuring my child adheres to the uniform policy.
es to the uniform policy.
• Adhere to the uniform policy in its entirety and bring the correct equipment each day.
• Expect and maintain high standards of dress for all students.
Teaching and Learning• Take an interest in my child’s learning, support them and respond to the school’s advice in this respect.
• Praise effort and good work.
• Work hard to achieve my targets.
• Help other students by allowing every teacher to teach and every learner to learn.
• Provide a safe and supportive environment for your child in which s/he is challenged and motivated.
• Regularly monitor and review academic progress to ensure your child is ‘on target’.
Home Learning• Provide the right conditions for my child to complete homework successfully and communicate with the school if any problems arise.
• Ensure my child uses private study time effectively and develops mature study routines
• Meet all deadlines for handing in homework and assignments and complete them to the highest standard.
• Develop good independent study habits and seek support if struggling to do so
• Regularly set appropriate homework that reinforces and extends lesson objectives.
• Ensure home learning is regularly marked as per the school policy.
Life of the School• Support school events and encourage participation in extracurricular activities.
• Find out what opportunities are available to me and participate where possible.• Offer your child opportunities to become involved in the life of the school and inform them of events and activities.
Communication• Inform the school about anything that may affect my child & raise concerns promptly and directly with the school.
• Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
• Communicate politely & appropriately manner at all times.
• Talk to parents and teachers about any concerns in school.
• Communicate in a polite and appropriate manner directly with the school
• Hold Parents’ Evenings to discuss your child’s progress.
• Provide a full written report at least once in each academic year.
• Model high standards of courtesy and respect at all times to all stakeholders.
Technology• Read electronic communications from the school.
• Model responsible use of technology to my child including appropriate engagement with social
• Endeavour to engage in online safety education
for parents as provided by the school.
• Engage positively with technology.
• Use social media and all networking sites responsibly and in an age appropriate
• Abide by the school’s mobile phone
policy and accept the sanctions issued.
• Model responsible use of technology.
• Engage in online safety education both as
teachers and learners.
• Provide professional advice on online safety
for parents and students.
Wellbeing• Take a holistic approach to my child’s learning and personal development.
• Encourage my child to engage in wider interests such as volunteering, exercise and hobbies.
• Support my child to make good choices for their physical and mental health
• Address wellbeing challenges and help reduce stigma around Mental Health.
• Take responsibility for my own wellbeing using the 5 fingers of faith.
• Get involved with volunteering, sport and other wider interests.
• Build positive friendships and be kind to all including myself.
• Seek support when any wellbeing issues arise either at home or from school.
• Provide support systems so all students feel safe at school.
• Provide appropriate support and education to increase resilience and teach tools to prevent mental health challenges.
• Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through education.
Ethos• Support my child to fulfil both their academic and personal potential.
• Support my child to achieve their academic targets and to become fully immersed in the student experience and the rich extra-curricular life of the school.
• Strive to fulfil both my academic and personal potential.
• Become fully immersed in the student experience and the rich extra-curricular life of the school.
• Provide an environment that allows all pupils to fulfil both their academic and personal potential.
• Provide opportunities pupils to become fully immersed in the rich extra-curricular life of the school.


For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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