Year 9 Homework Guidance

All pupils should endeavour to complete a full week of homework. This will include both their 10 KS3 Projects which start in October as well as their essential core subjects listed below. Missing homework will be followed up until it has been completed.

Year 9 + Prep every evening: check bags, planner, equipment and next lessons
English LiteracyKS3 ProjectMaths onlineEnglish WritingKS3 Project
MFLTechnology /ArtEnglish directed reading relating to classworkMFLEnglish Spellings
ScienceScienceMatsh Written
Private ReadingPrivate ReadingPrivate ReadingPrivate ReadingPrivate Reading
2 hours2 hours2 hours2 hours2 hours 45 mins

KS3 Homework Projects should take a minimum of one hour per week / 3-4 hours over the 3 weeks. They should be:

  • Completed on the allocated evening
  • A reflection of independent research, thinking and learning
  • Formally presented on A4 paper unless otherwise stated
  • Handed in on the set date
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