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Verulam School St Albans Hertfordshire

Women earn less than men. Governments and boardrooms are dominated by men.Women are more likely to be victims of violence. They have borne the brunt of the UK’s 2010+ austerity programme. In film and on television, women tend to be the partner/victim rather than the lead character. Advertisements suggest little girls become ballerinas while little boys will design and build the world.

The Women’s Equality Party was founded in 2015 to fight for gender equality and to make the world a better place for men and women – ‘When women fulfil their potential, everybody benefits’. Candidates stood in the London Mayoral race of 2016, the general election of 2017 and a number of local elections. The Party fights on seven key issues and would gladly put itself out of business if other political parties made its policies – on health, childcare, pay, representation and violence – their own.

The St Albans branch of WEP – which welcomes members and supporters from all over Hertfordshire – has been growing strongly since the foundation of the party. Now with more than 450 members it campaigns locally when women’s rights are not delivered and works hard to get its messages across, especially to young people.

Some women aged over 30 first got the vote in the UK in 1918. The Equal Pay Act became law in 1970. We’ve had female Prime Ministers, Wonder Woman and Dr Who. But when will real Equality arrive? A St Albans WEP branch officer will share more about the Party, the campaigns and what the future looks like.

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