Engaging Minds – Astrid Alben – PARs Foundation, Art and Science

December 14, 2018 @ 13:45

Verulam School St Albans Hertfordshire

Astrid Alben is the artistic director of PARS, the art and science initiative she co-founded in 2002. PARS brings together the visionary, mind-boggling, beautiful and never-thought-of-before questions and research of renowned and emerging scientists and artists.These get published in a publication series: Findings on Ice, Findings on Elasticity and Findings on Light, and curated at events that are a mixture of art, theatre and scientific experiments.

Her aim is to celebrate curiosity and beauty in knowledge through showcasing diverse voices from the world of art, research data, mathematical formulas, theoretical physics, photography, graphs & diagrams, pages torn from notebooks, architectural sketches, stills and music scores. From the universe bursting at the seams to deep-water shrimp glowing in the dark, every topic serves as a source of inspiration and a subject of research.

Astrid Alben is also a poet. Her most recent collection Ai! Ai! Pianissimo is published by Arc Publications.

Alben gives talks on her work as a poet and her journey through science and art, most recently on BBC Radio 4 Four-Thought and at Central Saint Martins. She is a Royal Society of Art Fellow, a Rijksakademie Fellow and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship through the Clore Leadership Programme in 2014.

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