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Change the calendar dates 2019/2020

Following the Government’s announcement regarding next year’s May Day bank holiday, the school calendar has been updated and Monday 4th May will now be a normal school day; the bank holiday having been moved to Friday 8th May to celebrate the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

GCSE exams finish on Monday

Congratulations to GCSE pupils.  The majority of pupils have now completed their GCSE exams whilst a small number revise this weekend for the Further Mathematics examination on Monday.  I would like to commend Year 11 pupils on their hard work and camaraderie.

Road Safety

Could I ask all parents to have a frank conversation with your son or daughter about the importance of road safety.  Of particular concern are pupils who cycle down the middle of the road without wearing helmets.  I am glad to learn that the craze for doing wheelies seems to be in the decline, but some pupils still seem to participate in this dangerous activity putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Once again could I also request that parents do not park on the yellow lines outside the front and rear of the school as this obstructs both drivers and pedestrians’ lines of sight and increases the chance of accidents.

Consultation on summer uniform

We are considering making some changes to both practice and policy in regards to uniform next year and would like parents’ views.

  • Summer uniform – the view of staff and external observers is that the switch to summer uniform is confusing for pupils and causes standards of appearance to decline. Purchasing summer shirts is also expensive for parents.  We therefore propose that from next year the school uniform will continue throughout the year and that at any time of hot weather, pupils will be allowed to remove blazers, and when necessary, ties.
  • Hoodies – the school rules have always forbidden pupils to wear hoodies to school. From September we propose to enforce this rule rigorously.
  • Socks – similarly the school rules state that pupils should wear black or grey socks; which a majority of pupils do. We propose to ensure all pupils adhere to this rule.


In addition to the normal events, I am proposing to hold a boule/petanque competition this year.  However, we only have a limited number of sets.  If you would be willing to lend the school a set of boules, please could you contact Ms K Bonass on [email protected]


P A Ramsey


Verulam Medieval Festival

30th June 11am-4pm – School Grounds Jennings Road Entrance

We are delighted to announce that in addition to the existing array of exciting demonstrations, have-a-go activities and skills workshops, it has been confirmed that the infamous Warwick Warrior knights will be joining us at the Festival to entertain you as they clash swords and fight for their honour and your favour!

Also listen out for our very own History teacher Mr Pettitt and “old boy” James Silcox talking about the event with presenter Kerry Cobb on the Radio Verulam Breakfast Show at 8:30am on Thursday 20th June.


Tickets are available (for a discount on the gate price) via Parentmail Pay until 11.00am on Friday 28th June. The Festival is open to the whole St. Albans community so please help us spread the word and bring your friends, family & neighbours along. All proceeds will be invested in improving Verulam School’s Sport and Recreational facilities.

Exam Results

The last GCSE is Further Maths on 17th June.

Results Dates:

A Level Results available Thursday 15th August at 9:00 am

GCSE Results Year 11 available Thursday 22nd August at 10:00 am

GCSE Results Year 10 available Thursday 22nd August at 11:00 am

Results must be collected by the student or they can nominate a responsible person to collect them on their behalf by letter.  Alternatively they can hand in a stamped addressed envelope prior to results day and they will be posted on the respective results day.

Results cannot be emailed or given over the phone.  We plan to make them available on MCAS after 12:00 noon.


For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

Help and advice with Secondary Transfer 2019

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