French Revision

Below is French revision material to be downloaded.

Extra examples of essay titles

Example AS Stimulus cards.

French revision pack

AS Unit1

Example AS Unit 1

French Revision – Year 13

Ensure all your notes are in order for the topics we have studied:
  1. Check you have a list of key words/phrases for each topic.
  2. Find and learn a few statistics for each topic.
  3. Look again at relevant past paper questions.
Keep on top of your grammar:
  1. Look over your grammar notes.
  2. Try translating sentences into French to use the grammar points (like the ones in paper 4)
  3. Write some sentences for the topics you have studied using the grammar points.
  4. Use your grammar workbooks for practice.
    Oral exam preparation:
    1. Do you have the vocabulary and opinions needed to discuss the topics you’ve studied?
    2. Use the yellow pages in your course handbook.
    3. Get an article from an English newspaper and try to explain it in French.
    4. Can you talk about a topic for 1 minute in French?
    5. Record yourself and listen back…do you make sense?
      Essay practice:
      1. Check you have lots of sentence starters and discourse markers ready to use in your essays.
      2. Practise essay writing skills by making mind-maps and writing the opening and closing paragraphs for different titles you have been given.
      3. Choose an essay you have already done. Try and improve on it.
        Listening/Reading Practice:
        1. Go to the website for one of the French TV channels and watch a news bulletin to practise your listening.
        2. Use to search for information on a topic you have studied. How much can you understand. Pick out all the key words. Can you translate some of the article or use the words in a new context?
        3. The exams, especially the oral exam, will suddenly be here. Lots of revision and preparation now will make you feel more confident….Short term pain…long term gain

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