KS4 Spanish Revision Resources

Click on the links below o download revision material for Year 10 and Year 11 students.

ser or estar

Spanish Revision Booklet

Ks4 Spanish Toolkit

Spanish False Friends

Grade A Tips for Spanish Speaking and Writing

MFL revision material

Click on the link below to download the revision material supplied by the MFL department.

Revision pack

MFL Extension, default and snow day homework tasks

  1. Make a ‘mind-map’ of the topic you are studying in French, German or Spanish. For French, you could shade it blue white and red where blue is past, white is the present and red is future.
  2. Write 5 excuses in French, German or Spanish to explain why someone hasn’t done their homework.
  3. Write about your ideal school and include a poster showing the rooms and features in your dream school. You could use your Toolkit and vocabulary booklet to help you.
  4. Draw and label an alternative school uniform. Write 5 sentences to describe it using adjectives: e.g. un grand boucle d’oreille rouge. You could use your Toolkit and vocabulary booklet to help you.
  5. Write about your ideal teachers: use celebrity & cartoon pictures from theInternet to show who teaches what in your ideal school: e.g. le prof de maths s’appelle Albert Einstein, le prof de théâtre s’appelle Brad Pitt; la prof de danse = Madonna
  6. Find out 10 facts about a country where the language is being studied and make a quiz for your teacher/friends to try. [Read more…]

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