Year 7 – ICT Exam

Don’t forget the tests will be a combination of practical skills ñ using software to complete a task and online assessment [like yacapaca].

You will need to understand:

* Spreadsheets, basics including formulae and functions, using graphs

* Presentations including animations and suitability for audience

* Audio and video, basics ncluding effects.

* general use of a computer

to revise

Think of the skills you have used in the work that we have covered to help you to revise.

use a computer to do things!!! – make a presentation, a sound file , a video, a spreadsheet

use Yacapaca to look a the sample assignments which have been put there for you.

Year 7 Revision Topic

Year 9 ICT Revision Resources

To prepare for the exam you should look through the powerpoint and then the 2 exam papers. The exam is looking at a base level of knowledge and competence that you have built up when using computers since year 7. Concentrate on those areas where you think your knowledge / skill is weak, practice on the computer.

Use your Sam Learning account to help you prepare.

Don’t worry there are no trick questions, just be careful that you read the questions and check your answers.

Year 9 ICT revision topics

Example Exam 1

Example Exam 2

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