Year 9 – 'Blood Brothers' Project

This Half Term you will be performing a scene from Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’ for your drama assessment. You will be exploring how to physicalise and vocalise the characters and how you can extract information to help you to do this from the scripts in your drama lessons. I have handed you all a script but just in case you lose it use the link below to download another. [Read more…]

Drama Project

Year 7 have been involved in an Arts Award project in their Drama lessons this term. This involves learning the dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and completing a written project based around the Arts. The project is split into 4 separate sections which require both practical and written work.

SECTION A: Exploring the Arts as a participant

Involving learning and performing the dance to ‘Thriller’ and providing a written evaluation.

SECTION B: Exploring the Arts as an audience member

An arts performance must be attended and written about in detail for this section.

SECTION C: Arts Hero Project

Creating a profile of an Arts Hero with clear evidence of research

SECTION D: Arts Apprenticeship

Students will have participated in a filmed workshop on stage make up in lessons and will have to complete a design sheet and evaluation on this.

Below are links to the relevant files needed to complete the Year 7 Drama project.

Letter to Parents

Activity Sheet

Arts Award Evaluation

Being an Audience Live Theatre write up

Project Cheat Sheet

Stage Make Up Design Sheet

Thriller make Up Letter

Year 7 Hero project hand out

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