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A Level Courses

Across the consortium we offer you a very diverse range of A Level courses, which are organised into option blocks across the week. If you cannot study all your A Levels in your own school, don’tSixth Form St Albans Hertfordshire
worry, you will almost certainly be able to study them across the consortium.

Traditional A Levels now consist of an AS and A2. The AS qualification represents the first half of the full A Level and the examinations are set at the level which you are be expected to reach halfway through a full A Level course. The other units are known as A2 and represent the second half of the full A Level.

Most A Levels are assessed predominantly by external examinations. Coursework, which is internally assessed is a component in some subjects. The A2 Level contains an element of synoptic assessment which tests your ability to make connections between different aspects of the subject. Specific subjects details can be found at

You will complete your AS Level exams at the end of Year 12 before continuing with A2 programmes. If you wish to continue with a subject at A2 you will be required to have achieved a grade A to D at AS Level. Students who achieve an E grade at AS will only be allowed to continue to A2 Level in that subject in very exceptional circumstances. Any students who fail (U grade) will have no prospect of continuing the subject to A2 Level.

BTEC National Level 3 Courses

These courses are especially suitable for those students who prefer more vocational, practical subjects. They are also better for those students who prefer to be assessed on how they are performing throughout the whole two years of the course rather than on how they perform in terminal examinations. Assessment is mainly through coursework, including practicals and students are able to achieve the equivalent of two A Level passes at A* to E if they choose this option. Note that you are not able to follow this course by itself, you will have to follow at least one other course in addition to this in order to make up a full Sixth Form course. Alternatively, you may wish to follow two of these courses.

What our students say about us

Sixth Form is a great experience, even in the short time I’ve been in the Sixth Form I’ve learnt so much about myself. The work is hard but definitely worthwhile.

The Sixth Form is a warm welcoming area where everybody gets on well together. There is always support offered by teachers and fellow students, making the Sixth Form a great place to be.

At first I was anxious about how long it would take for people to accept me, but as soon as pupils or members of staff realised I was new, they made a clear effort to welcome and show an interest in me.

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