Uniform Code

“We maintain and insist upon a very high standard of dress for all our pupils because we believe that appearance and performance are often directly linked. First impressions are vitally important, a lesson all our pupils will learn.”

Socks: Black or dark grey only

Shoes: Black only – suitable for formal wear

Coats: For outdoor wear which should be:

  • a reasonably plain shower or rainproof warm coat or jacket is our requirement;
  • suitable for wearing over a school jacket not instead of one;
  • effective against cold and wet conditions;
  • reasonably plain in design;
  • smart in general appearance;
  • suitable for storing in a school locker.

Plain does not necessarily mean dark, but certainly dark blue coats are highly appropriate. Leather jackets / coats are entirely inappropriate and full length coats are impractical until 6th Form level. Outdoor coats must not be worn within the school buildings. (Please note that denim is not considered suitable.)

Blazer: Navy, with school badge

Tie: School tie with house colour *
Shirt: White or pale blue with conventional collar
Pullover: School pullover * (plain grey V-necked pullover may be worn)
Trousers: Dark grey or black, of conventional cut.

School bags should be sturdy enough so that books are not damaged. They should be practical, without any obtrusive logos or adverts. Football team bags are not allowed.

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

Help and advice with Secondary Transfer 2019

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