Sports Kit

The PE department have put together an order for Verulam sports clothing. The clothing is made by Kukri, a leading manufacturer of tough sports gear. There are many different items available, a list is shown below.

The items are extremely good value for money when compared to other sports suppliers that the school uses. They do not in any way replace the games shirt, shorts and PE shirt that are required for Games and PE lessons, but the waterproof suit and over garments can be worn as cold/wet weather clothing in Games and PE lessons. As mentioned earlier the fleece lined smock top would make an excellent, cheap, school coat.

We always try to encourage boys who represent the school in any sport to have Verulam Tracksuits to wear before the games. We really want to start making that a requirement. It definitely makes us look a lot smarter and gives the boys some pride in representing the school and keeping up the excellent reputation that our boys have.

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