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Invigilators are there to make sure that the rules and regulations of the exam board are followed – no cheating

  • No writing on hands – classed as unauthorised material
  • Only write your name and candidate number on the front of your paper – no formula or notes. You must wait until the exam begins and write any planning inside your answer paper
  • No mobile phones/smart watches/web enabled devices
  • Analog watches to  be placed on the desk in front of you
  • No revision notes – hand these in before you enter the exam room
  • No labels on exam bottles
  • Please do not bring calculator lids into the exam hall

So no matter where you take your exams within the UK – whether it is in this school, at college or some other exam centre – the rules and regulations are exactly the same.

Every year we do get an unannounced visit from the JCQ exam inspector to make sure we are abiding by the exam board rules.  

  • There is a tight schedule for exams so it is really important that you arrive in plenty of time.
  • Morning exams start at 9am and afternoon exams start at 1.45pm. You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.
  • If for any reason you are running late, please contact the school so we are aware.
  • If you are a consortium student, ensure you are aware of the start times for exams at that school – they may be different to Verulam start times
  • Make sure you visit the toilet before you come to the exam hall, particularly if you have a long exam.  
  • Toilet breaks are disruptive to other candidates please think carefully before asking for a break
  • Line up quietly and wait to be called in.
  • Look at the seating plan displayed in the canteen quad so you know exactly where you are sitting.
  • Listen to any instructions given to you by your Head of Year before entering the exam hall
  • Make sure you have all your equipment:
  • BLACK pens only (not gel/erasable pens), pencils, ruler, eraser, protractor, compass and highlighters, all in a clear pencil case.  
  • Calculators may be used in all exams, but not the Non-Calculator Maths paper.  You must not bring in calculator lids.  
  • Memory should be erased from calculators.
  • Once you enter the exam hall you are under exam conditions.
  • You should not talk or communicate with any other candidate.
  • If you need help you should raise your hand and wait for an invigilator.
  • You should sit quietly facing forward at all times.
  • Always listen to the announcement and instructions given.
  • Always read the instructions on the front of the exam paper.  
  • You must fill in your name as it appears on the candidate tag that will be on your desk.
  • Always check that you have the right paper for the exam you are sitting and also check the tier level – there may be more than one exam in the hall at one time.
  • All Clashes should be rectified by now.  If you are not sure, please see Mrs Armstrong
  • If you need anything during your exam or you are unsure of something raise your hand.
  • When you have been dismissed from the exam hall – please remain silent.
  • Do NOT  turn your phone on until you are outside the exam room
  • There may still be other students working and it is really distracting – make sure your are well away from the exam hall before making a noise.

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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